Lawrence Tynes is currently Senior Vice President for WheelsUp, a membership based national private aviation solution.  Prior to joining WheelsUp, Lawrence enjoyed a successful NFL career as a place-kicker.  Unfortunately, Lawrence’s NFL career was cut short by unsafe practices by an NFL team in 2013 and nearly died.  Lawrence understands first hand the commitment to safety and also the importance of making a difference in children’s lives.  He was a member of the New York Giants Super Bowl XLII and XLVI Championship winning teams.  Lawrence is married to Amanda and lives in the Kansas City area.  They have two children, twin boys .

​​Live Like Luke Board of Directors

Tim Dollar is the founding law partner at Dollar, Burns and Becker.  Tim was the Bresette family voice during the family’s lawsuit relating to the tragedy on March 22, 2013.  Tim was not only the family’s lawyer, but Tim and his wife Debbie have become life long friends.  Tim was relentless in the pursuit of the truth and held the parties accountable for their actions that led up to the tragedy on March 22, 2013.  Tim and Debbie have four children and live in the Kansa City area.

Steve Busser is currently Vice President, risk management and controller for KCP&L. Steve is a U.S. Army veteran and certified public accountant, Mr. Busser has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting from the University of Texas at El Paso.  He also serves on the boards of the Bishop Sullivan Center and Guadalupe Centers, Inc. He has previously served on the boards of the United Way of El Paso County, the El Paso Catholic Diocese Foundation and the Leadership Curriculum Committee of the El Paso Chamber of Commerce.  Steve and his wife, Maria, have 2 children and live in the Kansas City area.

Ryan and Heather Bresette
Ryan and Heather married in September 1997 and have five wonderful children:  Anna, Joseph, Luke, Sam and Tyler.  Ryan graduated with a degree in Accounting from Rockhurst college in December 1994 and obtained his Executive MBA from UMKC in May 2010.  Heather graduated from UMKC with a degree in psychology.

Ryan and Heather believe every child needs a smile in honor of Luke who lived life to the fullest each day.  He always told us he loved us when he went to bed.  We miss Luke greatly but know he lives in his brothers and sister.  


Brandie Smith, RN, BSN, BGS.  Kansas City native with 16 years in healthcare, management and education.  Bachelor of Science in Nursing (University of Missouri-Kansas City) and Bachelor of General Studies in Human Biology with concentration in Anthropology (University of Kansas).  Brandie and her husband, Rod, have 5 children and live in the Kansas City area.