Luke Alexander Bresette was born on June 4, 2002.  He was full of energy from day 1.  He had the blondest hair, the cutest dimples you would ever see and a heart of gold.  He loved life and lived life to the fullest each and every day.  He believed more in asking for forgiveness than asking for permission.  Luke was the younger brother of Anna and Joe and would go on to be the big brother of Sam and Tyler. 

Luke was the middle child and he made the family “GO!”  Luke was the typical middle child.  He could easily hang out with his older or his younger siblings.

Luke loved all things about sports.  He would constantly research on the Internet what was going on for the particular sport that was in season.  He loved the Royals and Chiefs.  In addition, he loved Butler basketball, KU basketball, Notre Dame football and the Miami Marlins.  He played every sport he could.  He loved baseball.  Luke was a natural second baseman.  He loved football and played defensive tackle and would play his heart out.  He was thrilled to recover a fumble and hustle on every play.  He loved basketball where he could be point guard and it was guaranteed he would go after every loose ball.  Before Luke passed, his basketball team would win a 5th grade Christmas tournament and go on to win the 5th grade city championship. 

Luke explored all things in this world.  He enjoyed playing “war” in the “forest” with his brothers in the backyard.  He enjoyed playing pranks on people and doing prank phone calls.  He gave it all in everything.  Luke left nothing behind each day.  Luke lived life to the fullest each and every day.  Luke went to bed each day with no regrets and lived life to the fullest.

Luke passed away on March 22, 2013 from a tragic accident at the Birmingham, Alabama airport where a flight information board fell on him, his brothers Tyler and Sam, and mother, Heather.  Joe, Anna, and Dad were not physically hurt.  The physical injuries were severe to Heather, Sam and Tyler.  The emotional pain and discomfort is indescribable and continue to affect our lives every hour of every day.

Obituary, April 2013


My name is Luke Bresette and I am your son, grandson, brother, nephew, friend, classmate and teammate.  My life spanned almost 11 years and I couldn’t have been happier than to spend all that time with you.

I loved everything about life.  If there was a sport, I played it.  If there was a game, I played it.  I studied when I had to and I loved my teachers even if they had to occasionally get after me.  I loved playing with my brothers – Joe, Sam and Tyler and my sister Anna.  I loved being with Mom and Dad and asking them a million questions.  I always told my parents I loved them and hugged them every night.  I couldn’t wait for recess to play with my friends and especially my cousin Eli.  I loved to tell jokes and pull pranks with my friends and on my friends (anyone need 65 hamburgers from Sonic?).  I always smiled because I knew it would make others happy.  I was told I have cute dimples and I wouldn’t argue with that.  I was looking forward to playing baseball this spring on the same team as my brother Sam, and my dad was going to be the coach.  I wanted to go to Royals games and to summer camp with Scout Troop 601.  My dad is an Eagle Scout and I wanted to be just like him. 

There was never any chocolate that I didn’t like.  I’m sure you will find that hidden bag of candy in my room soon.  Just know that it wasn’t my fault!  Every time I went to Grammy’s house I’d ask her if she had any Grammy Bars (they are the best!) and if she said no then I’d smile real big, act disappointed, point both thumbs down and say ‘Dang It’. 

I wish I had more time to spend with all of you but Jesus must have needed me more.  I haven’t asked him why He needed me so soon but I will.  I hope you can feel the hugs I’m giving you now and I hope you always will.  I will watch over all of you until the day we meet again. 

I’ll miss Mom and Dad, my sister and brothers, my Grandpa and Grandma, Papa and Grammy.  And I’ll sure miss all my cousins – Emily, Allison, Jake, Will, Andy, Eli, Nathan, Zac, Kylie, Tate, Addy, Timothy, Samantha and Alex.  And Uncle Chris and Aunt Stef, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Beth, Uncle Alex, Uncle Walt and Aunt Anice, Uncle Tim and Aunt Tara, Uncle Patrick and Aunt Pam, and Aunt Emily Ann – I’ll miss them too.  I’m now happy in heaven with Uncle Bubby who has already been here almost two years.  He’s showing me all the neat places to hang out.  There are many mansions here, just like it says in the Bible, and they are really cool.

Most of all I want you to know how much I love and miss you.  I’ll see you here some day but in the meantime I’ll be watching over you.  Please don’t forget me and my smile.


Luke, we will forever hold your contagious smile and heart of gold in our hearts and minds.  In ten short years, you touched the lives of so many people with your love for people.  You are an incredible little boy whose life was taken from us much too soon.  We love and miss you every hour of every day!  Love, Mom, Dad, Anna, Joe, Sam and Tyler.

Luke Alexander Bresette was born Tuesday, June 4, 2002 at Olathe Medical Center in Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas.

Luke was predeceased by his beloved Uncle James “Bubby” Dougherty of Fort Collins, Colorado. He is survived by his devoted parents Ryan Anthony and Heather Kathleen (Dougherty) Bresette and his cherished siblings, Anna Kathleen, Joseph Ryan, Samuel Thomas, and Tyler Anthony Bresette of Overland Park, Kansas. He also had many uncles, aunts and cousins who loved him. Chris (Stefanie) Bresette and their children: Emily, Allison and Jacob of Kansas City, Missouri; Jeff (Beth) Bresette and their sons: Will and Andy of Lee’s Summit, Missouri; Alex Bresette and his sons: Eli and Nathan of Kansas City, Missouri; Walt (Anice) Sewell and their children: Zac, Kylie and Tate of Overland Park, Kansas. Patrick (Pam) Dougherty and their children: Alexandria (Colton) Stultz and their son, Braxton, daughter, Samantha and son, Timothy James all of Fort Collins, Colorado; Timothy (Tara) Dougherty and their daughter, Addy; Emily Ann Dougherty both of St. Louis, Missouri. Luke will be forever loved and missed by his grandparents; Lou and Evie Bresette of Kansas City, Missouri and Pat and D’Anne Dougherty of St. Louis, Missouri. 

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